Comma Practice
Please find where the commas should be placed and write which rule or rules are used. 


1.  “Coley pitch the ball already!”

2.  Will you go to Taco Bell the one near your house and get me some grub?

3.  Alright then no ice cream for you after practice.

4.  Brian by the way is the one who chucked the skittles at me yesterday.

5.  Reece Vinny and Liam all got hits in our baseball game.

6.  Duncan the boy who is obsessed with Red Hot Chili Peppers is going to their next concert.

7.  Carson was performing awesome hockey tricks and he was great!

8.  Nathan thinks he is a gangster.

9.  Well believe it or not Jordynn was awake until midnight.

10.  Colby you’ve got to catch the ball once this year.

11.  Simon Bearse the kid they call “Simone” went to Middleboro for his race.

12.  “Time for a haircut Domanic.”

13.  Alexa by the way checked a midget really hard during a game of hockey.

15.  Willow stop eating all of my French fries

16.  No my mother said I couldn’t go to the mall.

17.  I bought a jean skirt two pairs of jeans a green shirt a yellow tank top and white pair of Capri’s from Hollister.

18. Ava put some ketchup on her French fries and then Shawn ate all of it when she wasn’t looking.

19.  Luiza bought another skateboard from the boarding house.

20.  Hey gorgeous how about we go shopping at Hollister the store near Macy’s and get a bite to eat later.

21.  “Corey lay off the Twinkies!”

22.  I found Fredrick my pet turtle on the side of the road.

23.  Did you go to the movies on Friday Jessica?

24.  Furthermore Matt gets more allowance than me.

25.  To be fair Holly will get five gummy worms and Amber will get two potato chips.

26. Mason's three favorite foods are chicken peas and liverwurst.

27.  Owen said to Jerimiah,” Go get me a taco a soda and a new Ferrari.”

28.  Eamon stole a tube of lip-gloss from Victoria’s Secret and then a necklace from Claire's.

29.  By the way Rosemary owes me twenty bucks.

30. In fact she even owes the teacher money.

31.  “Vivian where’s my money?”

32.  Zoe and Caroline had a huge fight and they kicked screamed and pulled hair.

33.  Garrett the person who owns Alpacas came to school riding a horse.

34.  Shea Simprini the coolest kid in school got an A+ on his English test.

35.  Michael the kid with the famous homerun swing displayed his superior talent at the plate.

36.  I want to ride your alpacas but I heard they automatically give you rabies.

37.  “Yes I know my best friends are Ashleigh Alyssa and Emma.”

38.  “ Isabella and Rebecca stop laughing!”

39.  Ian stop flirting with the girls.

40.  Arthur stole Alishanee's black purse and she pulverized him enough to make him eat through a straw.

41.   Joseph the crazed biker wiped out on the sidewalk.

42.  Why that is preposterous.

43.  Elisabeth the girl who wears tie-dye shirts went to the movies on Friday night.

44. Samantha where’s my shorts?

45.  Keegan by the way is not that bad of a kid.

46.  Emily on the other hand is a troublemaker.

47.  “What are you looking at Coltan!”

48.  Shawn just so you know dressed up as a ninja and attacked Mr.Mulgrew.

49.  Shawn is as you may know an assassin.

50.  Ryan likes to eat sushi squid and shark fin soup.