Conjunctions and Interjections

ďThe Least You Need to KnowĒ

Coordinating Conjunctions join whole sentences or parts of sentences



Correlative Conjunctions act the same way but when you use one, you must use the corresponding one in the same sentence.



Write a sentence using a set of Correlative Conjunctions.


The Conjunction Comma Rule:

Place a comma before a conjunction if each side could be an independent clause/ a whole sentence.  Do not place a comma before the conjunction if one side is short. (3-4 words).  Examples:


I see that Owen is a very good skier but Rebecca needs to take lessons all winter long.

Did you know that Kelsco is a good boxer but Robbie isnít?


 Interjections show excitement or emotion.  Use an exclamation point if the excitement is strong or a comma if the excitement is weak or sarcastic.


Create a strong example of an Interjection.


Create a weak or sarcastic example of an interjection.  


Practice with Compound Sentences

Decide where and when a comma should be used before a conjunction in a compound sentence.

1.      There are disinfecting wipes available in class and you should sanitize your desk and chair during the cold and flu season.

Isadora canít decide whether to join crew or maybe fencing.

Maddy did thirty pushups and Annabelle cheered her.

The Patriots should win this weekend against the Colts but they may have injuries.

Mason didnít remember his locker combination or his lunch.

Nia and Anna are picky about their coffee but Rosemary isnít.

Nate had to choose either the new car or what was secretly hidden behind door number three.

Isabella and Amilcar went to the movies last weekend but Jean and Rebecca decided not to go.

Ryan doesnít like to lose in the game Monopoly and he cheats.

Shaun went on all fours behind Tinjing and Ben pushed toward them in a classic tabletop stunt.