Grammar Review Grade Eight

Locate the prepositional phrase(s) and any infinitives.  Identify the part of speech for each underlined word.


1.     “I am erasing and drawing at the same time,” Madison said.

2.     “Are you going to use that against her?”  Emma inquired.

3.     “Really, that’s cool,” Paige said sarcastically.

4.     Then she needed to talk about the spelling of her name for twenty, exhausted minutes.

5.     I told you that I lie in class,” said Mr. M.

6.     I love those antique binoculars circa 1914.

7.     Considering her nasty disposition, we should expel Jill from school!

8.     He was given I.S.S. despite the claim that he wasn’t really smoking because he didn’t inhale.

9.     Kyle went to Hawaii via cruise boat.

10.  Dennis, however, preferred to stay at home pending his ticket status with the Naked Brothers Band concert.

11.  Nobody wanted those tickets save Kane.

12.  He dumped her in view of the entire bus.

13.  Due to shrinking demand Gary was able to hoard many of the McDonalds Happy Meal toys for his collection.

14.  Regarding Corina’s dating status; I believe she is still single and looking.

15.  Those swear words just flew out of Keeva's mouth.

16.  Aden's mother wants him to be amid other clowns perfecting the art of buffooning at clown camp.

17.  I would place a $20.00 bet on a fight of Liza versus Haley.

18.  Concerning Ashley’s report card, we think she should be rewarded.

19.  To+ Verb =

20.  Describe some rules of prepositions.


21.   Name the 13 personal pronouns.


22.   Name the 14 possessive pronouns.


23.   What are the four ways to use a dash?


24.   Name the seven ways to use a colon.


25.   Name the two ways to use a semicolon.


26.   Name six or more comma rules.