Asn. #7 “Rules”   Evaluation Sheet  2022

Name _____________________________________ Block ___

Now that you feel you are done, please use a colored pencil and mark the paper with the following:

  1.  Box the thesis and restated thesis.
  2. Underline the transitions used in each supporting detail paragraph and the conclusion.
  3. Write “Bridge statement” in the margin if it was used.
  4. Circle the synonyms used in the restated thesis.
  5. Double underline the lead reminder.



1.      Look at your Introduction:  20 Points

A)    Do you have a specific type of lead?  If not, -10

B)    Is the lead long enough?  If not, -5

C)    Does the lead make the reader want to continue reading because it is interesting?  If not, -5

D)    Is there a bridge statement needed after the lead, and before the three-part thesis statement?  If missing and needed, -5

E)     Is there a thesis statement containing the topic, position, and three reasons why, all in one sentence?  If not, -5

Score __________


2.      Look at the supporting detail paragraphs:  60 Points

A)    Does each paragraph start with a transition?  -5 for each missed in the supporting detail paragraphs and conclusion.

B)    Does each supporting detail paragraph end appropriately? Or do you see poor “Clincher” type sentences. -5 for each clincher.

C)    Are two of the reasons too similar?  Should they have combined those two and look for a better, third reason? -20

D)    Although the supporting detail paragraphs do not have to be equal, does each one have ENOUGH  DETAIL  to PERSUADE THE AUDIENCE?  Really? -20 to -40 depending on the case.

Score __________



3.      Look at the conclusion:  20 Points

A)    Does it have a restated thesis that uses enough synonyms so that it doesn’t seem repetitive?  Are more synonyms needed?  Are the reasons in the same order? -5 if no synonyms are used, or if they are not in the same order. -5 if no transition is used.

B)    Does the lead reminder echo back to the lead?  -5 if it doesn’t, -10 if the lead reminder is not attempted.

Score: __________


TOTAL  Essay Score:___________