Simon + Red Kayak Digital Daily Agenda:


1.     Read the rubric in this packet which stays on each table.

2.     Exchange the open response answer and complete the evaluation using the task list as Mr. Mulgrew checks your homework and early homework. 

Evaluator’s Tasks for a digital version:

__Italicize the thesis and the conclusion.  (Sentence or paragraph)

  __Insert a 24 point font of “I”, “S”, “Q”, and “A” at the start of the sentence where they are located.  Feel free to use another color other than blue.

  __Highlight in light blue correctly used quotes, including the quotation marks and page numbers.  Make a 24 point font of an “X” if they are missing the quotation marks or page numbers for a quote.

  __Underline the title and author’s name.

  __Darken or boldface the transitions used at the start of each supporting detail paragraph, the analysis sections, and the conclusion.  On one hand“This clearly shows”  “In conclusion” etc.

  __When grading the open response ask does the conclusion give insight? 

  __Does it answer both parts of the question with enough quoted material and analysis?

  __Did they completely show every possible detail in each of the two parts or just mentioned one way?  That is the difference between a three and a four in most cases.

  __Give it a score; 1,2,3,4, Go to “Insert” and “Comment” and write the reasons why that were mentioned in the rubric.  You can’t just give it a grade and not tell why you give it that grade!  Please score in .25 increments. 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc.


3.     Get your writing folder and attach last night’s homework ISQA answer to the ISQA Evaluation Sheet using a paper clip.  Record your score on that sheet each day.  When your folder is returned to the “IN BOX” I know that you are ready for the next step.

4.     Class Discussion of all answers.

5.     Continue reading and answering the questions in the packet.