Website Preview

Today's activity allows you to explore the opportunities and resources of my website.   Since there are too many questions to answer within one period, feel free to answer about half of these tasks after completing the first one.  Remember that you need to use complete sentences when appropriate, and I will be judging your ability to follow directions, your ability to navigate the web, and your technological skills.  This is due soon:  I am being flexible.   Instead of emailing me your answers, you can show it to me when you attend school live.  This should take you about 30 minutes of your time to complete.

BIG HINT:  I have posted last year's entire set of lesson plans.  Click Here  This might be helpful on questions 6, 12, 19, and possibly others.

Alternate directions for "Rise-Up Day":
Starting with #2 and then jump to other tasks on this list.  Try to answer at lease six of the questions on this list.

1. Copy and paste this page into a word processing document of your choice and save it as " Preview Your last name"

2.  What number visitor are you?

3.  When did the site launch as a .com?  (Hint- look at the visitor counter.)

4.  When are assignments posted on the weekly schedule?

5.  What six literary terms make up the "Big Six" Project that we will be doing in the fall?

6.  How may weeks does Mr. Mulgrew give to read the novel Shades of Simon Gray or Red Kayak?

7.  Where can you find out about weather conditions on this website? Name two linked web sites and describe why you like one better than the other.

8.  Explain how you can get extra credit in Mr. Mulgrew's class this year.

9.  Explain Poetry Out Loud.

10.  Find and list a URL for a dead link if you come across one.

11.  Name a food link where you found something that looked delicious.  What is the name of the recipe and please copy the web address here.

12.  On what page of could you find help with pronouns or comma usage?  What are the URL's for each?

13.  What website is linked that allows you to get a copy of a newspaper from Ireland?

14.  What is the "Important Site"?

15.  Name three items that will be on the final exam, that you know already.

16.  On which web page can you find all of the notes on poetry terms?

17.  When is National Punctuation Day?  Hint: Look at the Weekly Schedule Page.  (We missed it.)

18.  Which term is the Drama Notes do you already know?

19.  If you were a student in my class last year, when was your first book project due?

20.  Name one Book Project that looks interesting to you from all of the choices given?

21.  When is the grade eight pretest this year?

22.  On which page can you learn how to make Pineapple Salsa?

23.  Which three terms on the old Midyear Exam seem to be the easiest?

24.  On what page can you find a link that will help you write an Effective Introduction for a Persuasive Essay?

25.  Copy, paste, and post the URL of a delicious looking recipe you found from my Food Links Page.

26.  List seven ways you could start a concluding paragraph. Hint: Look for 'Writing Signal Words" page.

27.  Starting at the Babysitter's Page, Play a sound bite from Foghorn Leghorn, Buggs Bunny, or Marvin the Martian, that you could paste into a Powerpoint presentation or slide deck if you needed to.  Be sure to turn up the volume and get everyone's attention.