Adjective and Adverb Practice Game, Day Two

Identify the part of speech for each underlined word.

Funky Kayla sheepishly danced techno at his party.

Daniel was hyper and uncontrollably fell down the stairs.

Aidan laughed aloud when Jayden started freaking out about the Ms. Monroe's science test.

The redneck hooted and hollered at the television as his favorite NASCAR driver was now in the lead.

The dumb kid just fell through the thin ice.

The black white and brown dog quickly leaped over the picket fence to escape from the nasty man who/ whom lived next door.

The Ecuadorian native quickly attempted to pickpocket us because he thought we were "Dumb Americans".

Jill got grounded for talking back and she immediately blamed it on Julia .

 Thomas was grounded for three weeks because he kept fighting everything.

At the fair Hope never went on the scary roller coaster.

Janae was almost pulled under water by a fearsome eleven-foot shark. 

My angry mother furiously yelled at Allan for the third time.

Waking up in a bad mood, Keeva then told everyone how she felt.

Kailey and Cayleigh danced violently in the front of this room.

Ballistic Bridget always went skiing with Lazy Logan and Killer Kyle.

Today Bianca wore a brown T-shirt, blue pants and brown Uggs.

The very foolish man asked if the bird was African or European.

Jack laughed hysterically yesterday because his father mistakenly dropped that new laptop.

Crazy Chelsea reluctantly kissed disco dancing Darius.

The very crazy Kauane ran down the street in his bright purple boxers.

Cool Colin Captured Dominc in a mean headlock.

The skillful Justin did three slow-motion back flips over the entire school building.

That Wobbling Gary actually fell UP the stairs.

Later, Jeffery flipped over his handle bars on his Banshee.

The ambitious Isabella nimbly auditioned for a dance-off with Laura Cogswell.

Mad Madison did a marvelous nose-plant in the dirty snow bank.

The chicken quickly roundhouse kicked the crazy monkey.

That crazy Corrina fell out of her seat loudly.

Dangerous David dove into the gross slimy pool.

Abby fell down the stairs and then said she felt like a slinky toy.

The cute pig danced upon Steph’s strawberry patch.

The ugly annoying seventh grader asked again to borrow a pencil.

The brilliant Alexia asked the teacher if she could hug the featherless chicken named "Fluffy".

The blood- red fire engine blazed down the normally peaceful side street, its chilling siren cutting through the still night air like a hot knife through butter.

I ski good/well.

This cake is good/well.

Alexus baked you cookies?  John, you have a good/well girlfriend.