The Big Six Posters or Slides          Name ____________________ Class _______

 The "Big Six" are a group of highly utilized literary terms that frequent the P.S.A.T, S.A.T., S.S.A.T., M.C.A.S., semester and final exams.  Knowing these will make those tests much easier.  They are also a part of modern life. This will count as a quiz grade and it is due as soon as completed.

Your job is to create six posters or slides each graphically depicting the definition and examples  Use each of the following literary terms/ devices:

     Alliteration     Hyperbole     Metaphor

     Onomatopoeia     Personification     Simile

 Definitions are available in the Glossary at the Notes section of my website.

The grading is simple.
   100   Great, polished work that teaches someone about all of the terms using definitions    
             and original examples.  High quality is evident.  The projects are all colorful and creative.

     80    Not as polished as the 100 level.  Some posters/ slides have either a definition or an example, not both.  More original creativity is needed because the posters use the same example used in class.

    60      The work appears to be partially complete.  More quality work needs to be done.

     0        Incomplete