Emergency Sub Plans Fall 2020

Due to circumstances beyond my control and unrelated to the pandemic, I am unable to attend school.  The following plans are for students to work both in-school and remotely. 

Class One:

Copy the Poetry Terms into your notes.  Then create a slide deck for each term.  I will check these when I return to school.

Class Two:

Scan the Introduction to Poetry Out Loud Day 1
Headphones or ear buds will be useful.

Watch the video examples and search for 5-7 poems that you prefer.  Save each one as a Google Doc titled Poetry out loud 2020.  I will check this when I return to school.

Short Class:

Study the poetry slide deck you created in class one.


Although you are searching for a poem to memorize in the future, all poems will have to come from this website and be approved as challenging enough by Mr. M.