Inspiration 6 Cross-Curricula Project     * Geology/ Plate Tectonics

The Inspiration 6 computer program is deigned to help people brainstorm ideas; organize those ideas into a visually attractive and professional medium or outline; create effective flow charts or classification diagrams; and it can help you work faster.

After learning several of the functions of this program each student, or pair of students, will complete a web.  This  web will help review a major area of study in the science curriculum for grades seven , and will act as an individualized review for the upcoming science test.  It will count as a quiz grade and will be based on the following rubric.

10 Points:
     Utilize at least 4 different symbols that have meaning to the web.  For example, they could be color coded, symbolic, show progression, time, or be cause and effect based.

10 Points:
     Use of arrows or lines that show connecting thoughts or processes.

30 Points:
     Show at least 21 pieces of pertinent science content.

30 Points:
     At least 6 notes that give further detail for a topic/ web bubble.

10 Points:
     A printed outline that includes the notes detailed above.

10 Points:
     A professional appearance in the use of the symbol palette.

Projected Timeline:

Day 1.
Naming your work.
Create buttons
Rapid Fire buttons
Position button
Arrange button and options.
Symbol Palette
Outline button
Saving your work.
Work time.

Day 2.
Add Note button
Outline button with notes.
View notes/ Diagram button
Effects-- colors, patterns, line thickness.
Work time.

Day 3.
Printing to a single page.
Work time.