Night Project- How to Effectively Use Quotation Marks- M.L.A. Style

*When quoting the book be sure to use quotation marks around the text you find compelling and follow it with the author’s last name and page number in parenthesis, and an end mark of punctuation after the end of the parenthesis.
“A little more and the man would have killed him” (Wiesel 28).

Special Note:  If all of your quotes are from a single author, you need to list his or her last name followed by the page number inside parentheses.  The end mark goes outside of the parentheses to indicate the citation is over.  The rest of the quotes will not need to include the author’s last name because it was already introduced and would look too repetitive.  In short, this simplified method is easier.

*When the selection is already in quotes, use a single quote instead.  On a computer this is the apostrophe key.
‘Fool, listen to what I say’  (28).

*When you want to omit part of the sentence in your quote, use an ellipsis.  That is three dots only.  This will save you in the case of a divided quotation where the attribute in in the middle of a sentence.
‘But I am not…Fifteen’ (28). 

*If I didn’t use the ellipsis, the quote would read as the following:
 ‘But I am not’ “I said.” ‘Fifteen’  (28).  Doesn’t this look too confusing?

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