Red Kayak Study Guide:                           Name _________________________

1.      Be able to understand how Brady’s little sister impacts his family.


2.     Be able to explain about how and why butterfly gardens are included in this story.



3.     Be able to identify the use of pun. Oxymoron, personification, metaphor, and simile to this story.




4.     Know the character traits of all of the main characters.




5.     What good advice does Brady get from people? Get at least four pieces of advice.




6.     Describe two ways Brady runs from his problem?


7.     Describe how and why did Brady flip-out when he was on the boat with his dad?


8.     Define both charges the boys could face.





9.     Get people interested in the cover of this book.  To do this, you are going to put a powerful quote on the cover of the book.  Give five possible quotes that would entice the reader into buying this book. Put a $ in front of your favorite.