Sample Lesson Plan A for Charlene Douglas

Name; Night Vocabulary Essay Exam.

Grade Level; 8                Topic; Night, by Elie Weisel

Content Objectives; By the end of the lesson the student shall:

*acquire and use correctly an advanced reading vocabulary of English words, identifying meanings through an understanding of word relationships.
comprehend the meanings of grade level vocabulary words in isolation.
use a dictionary, thesaurus, and multimedia resources as reference guides.
describe the origins and meanings of common, learned, and foreign words used frequently in written language.
*identify the basic facts and essential ideas in what they have read, heard, or viewed.
*interpret the meanings of literary works, non-fiction, films, and media by using different critical lenses and analytical techniques.
analyze how a film or work of literature can be shown to reflect the period, ideas, customs, and outlooks of a people living in a particular time in history.
*write compositions with a clear focus, logically related ideas to develop it, and adequate supporting detail.
write coherent compositions with clear focus and supporting ideas, drawing on strategies that are most helpful for developing and organizing students' ideas.
create an appropriate graphic organizer, such as mind map/web, or outline.
write a three-part thesis statement containing the topic, position, and three to five supporting details.
develop a piece of writing which has a thesis, supporting details, and a conclusion.

Strategy Objective:  By the end of this lesson the student shall:

--Choose a graphic organizer ( Frayer Model, Hamburger Model, concept map, or web) that best suits their own needs for writing.
--Select the three most important vocabulary words from the entire unit and write a persuasive letter demanding that these words should become a major focus for the next group that reads this novel.

Resources/ Materials;
    Night, by Elie Wiesel.
    Night Comprehension Guide/ Packet.
    Dictionary and Thesaurus
    Night Vocabulary Essay Test Assignment Sheet

Procedure; R.A.F.T.

    Yourself; a grade eight student who has just completed reading the novel Night.

    An English teacher in this school.

   A "Type Five", five-paragraph persuasive essay based on the following F.C.A.'s
        Strong Introductory Paragraph...........20%
        Strong supporting Details...................60%
        Strong Conclusion.............................20%

 Select the three most important vocabulary words from the entire unit and write a persuasive letter to the next group that reads this novel.  You should demand  that these words become a major class focus to aide student comprehension.

    The Nazi Holocaust of World War II as seen through the biography Night, by Elie Wiesel.

    (After Teaching)

Strengths of this lesson:

Weaknesses of this lesson:

Areas for improvement:

I will remember to do/ say next time:


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