Study Guide for Grammar Unit #2                               Mulgrew

Select the Part of Speech

Adjective, Proper Adjective, Adverb, Common Noun, Proper Noun, Collective Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Coordinating Conjunction, Correlative Conjunction.

All around the Mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel.

Mr. Banks actually works in a bank.

He was later framed for embezzlement.

He almost drove to the state line in a bright yellow car.

Fortunately, he was apprehended by the swift-thinking Chief Whiggham.

“Life is simple;  It’s either cherry red or midnight blue.”

Hailey likes to collect pigs and ceramic dolls.


Which three conjunctions should not be used to start a sentence?

Name three Coordinating Conjunctions.


Name two or three sets of Correlative Conjunctions.


List the three articles.  What part of speech are they usually?


When writing with Proper Adjectives and Proper Nouns, what do you have to be sure to do?


 List three Proper Adjectives and three Proper Nouns:









Choose the Best Answer

He is a good/ well friend.

Olivia went to Hawaii and said that she had a good/ well time.

Hope is a good/ well dancer.

Hope dances/ good/ well.


Place commas where needed:

Eleanor needed to practice her backstroke and she needed to increase her distance in order to build her stamina.

Last week Tarah drove the getaway car and Gwyn modified the engine so they could escape from the authorities.

Bryson was so exhausted from arguing with Mr. Daley and lost the argument.

He said that his grammar was fine but the teacher was correct.

Over the next vacation you can go to the movies with her or you might want to go eat at the Brazilian Grill.  

The pale green emeralds sparked when placed next to the big expensive diamonds.

A bright red ruby will also sparkle on a wide gold bracelet.