Ten Rules of Effective Discourse:

1.  We must agree to disagree.

2.  Appropriate language must be observed.  If your grandmother wouldn't approve, then neither would the rest of the audience.  Be juror #4.

3.  Arguments end at the door.  Please refer to rule #1.

4.  Contradictions are neither argument nor debate; they are immature.  Remember the "Argument Clinic."

5.  Recognize when you won't change someone's opinion:  Move-on.

6.  Freedom of speech is not freedom from prosecution:  Remember Kevin.

7.  Some things should remain confidential.  Not everything in your life, or the person across from you, is the class' business.

8.  Mr. Mulgrew Plays "Devil's Advocate" to keep things amusing.  Don't take everything he says seriously.

9.  You are not parrots of your family;  you have the right to your own opinion here.  It is your opinion that matters.

10.  T.B.D.