Tone Vs. Mood

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Tone is the attitude that the author or narrator takes toward a subject or toward the reader. (ex. playful, ironic, serious) remember Mood is about how the reader feels from the storyline, tone is about the author.

You are about to create a television show.  The producers have a few, vague details and guidelines, and are seeking your input about a 10:00 show that they will try to sell to major network.

Please note the following:

It has a male protagonist.  This could change if you find a cool enough name.

The name of the show is "_________  ___________: Ultimate Spy."  They are still searching for a tough guy name.  This spy is a tough guy for a secretive, bad reason.  Please give three possible names here:

What kind of vehicle does the protagonist drive?  List three possible choices:

Create some back story that will develop over the first year or two about why this protagonist is such a troubled character.  What event happened that we can hint to in flashbacks?


Listen to all of the audio links I have listed here.  In order to choose your favorite, consider which one sets the tone of the show, and puts the reader into a mood that makes them want to watch the first show.  The music sets the tone.  Try not to watch the video as it will block your imagination.  Exceptions can be made, especially when watching Trombone Shorty or Rodrigo y Gabriella.  My fingers and cheeks hurt when I watch those videos!

Audio Links:  

(Only audio is used in class- No video)

Link One                     Link Two                    Link Three

Link Four                    Link Five                     Link Six

Link Seven                  Link Eight                   Link Nine

Link Ten                       Link Eleven

Your favorite song from the list is link # _________.

How does this song set the setting?  Where and when should the story take place based on the music?  List two or three possibilities.


Should the entire song be used or should parts of the song be used for advertising, chase scenes, or the title sequence? Please use sections of time to illustrate your point.  Which part(s) are the most effective to demonstrate the tone we want to promote this show?