Verb Practice, Grade 8                      Name ______________________Class____

Directions:  Highlight any kind of verb.


  1. Corey set a new world record for projectile vomiting.
  2. Lil’ Wayne has taken Liam as his star apprentice.
  3. Arthur isn’t interested in ever becoming a mailman.
  4. Colleen was seen buying flowers for Mr. Cattabriga’s birthday present.
  5. When asked about the fur on her jacket, Holy replied, “It’s not real.”
  6. When Schuyler McMahon went to the fireworks store, a mysterious fire ensued.
  7. The three juveniles were engaged in a marker fight and the girls all agreed that no one would ever date them.
  8. Ava and Alexa purchased ninety-two carnations for themselves.
  9. According to Nychole 84% of the people that repeat themselves are redundant.
  10. Zaria squeezed Marianna’s face and told her to say, “I’m a guppy.  Guppies can’t smile, but I am going to try.”
  11. Leticia wears so many striped clothes that people are starting to think she is an escaped convict.
  12. Kaden Mysuik shot a half-pound spitball at the principal.
  13. Ryan and Robert’s arms were screaming from the pushups in English class.
  14. Yes Alishanee, you may go to the bathroom.
  15. When Nick comes down the hall, people get out of his way.
  16. Jerimiah and Juliana lived happily ever after.
  17. Ava and Shaun, however, bickered constantly.
  18. I just wish that Keegan would ask her out!
  19. Mackenzie’s only flaw was her inability to reject Duncan.
  20. Ryan and Eamon had a bad case of “the giggles."